Being Careful Never Hurts

15 9月 2014, Posted by Iwamoto Karen in セブの生活

When visiting a new place, it`s important to be cautious at all times. It doesn`t hurt
to be extra careful even when people are friendly and hospitable.

1. When riding jeepneys, avoid taking out your phone or wallet.
Prepare exact change if possible.

2. Be careful with local people offering any services, they will most probably
ask for a fee. If you need help, ask the staff working at that place.

3. If you want to go shopping at Colon, it is best to have a local friend with you.

4. When buying from vendors, always try bargaining for a lower price.

5. Always tell the taxi driver to use meter. If he tries to negotiate, do not
hesitate to get out and get a different taxi. When paying for the meter, always ask for your change.

6. Keep your valuables inside your bag. It`s easy to lose your things in
crowded places. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry when in public. Necklaces are easy target for thieves.

7. When using a backpack, wear it in front when walking in crowded places.
Pickpockets could easily open it from the back when you are not looking.

8. Never leave your things unattended, even in hotels or malls.

9. If you are sensitive to food, avoid buying from street vendors.

10. Never drink from the tap. Bring bottled water when travelling.

Cebu is a fun place to be. However, every city has its own negative elements.
Be prepared and always be cautious to the things around you.

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