“Pasalubong” Cebu`s おみやげ

10 9月 2014, Posted by Iwamoto Karen in セブの生活

For many tourists who have visited Cebu, dried mango is the most common おみやげ for family
and friends. However, there are plenty of other delicacies that many people do not know about.

1. Lechon
Cebu`s lechon is known for its exceptional flavor. It is served in many restaurants around the city.
A whole lechon is usually served during special occasions.

This is a puff-pastry very well known in Cebu. It is made of flour, shortening, coconut, and sugar.

3. Chicharon
Carcar City is known for the best chicharon. It is deep fried pork’s back fat or pork rind.

4. Rosquillos
Rosquillos is originally made in Liloan Cebu. It is a circular shape cookie with a hole in the middle.

5. Bibingka
Bibingka is a type of rice cake made in many parts of the country. Mandaue City is especially known
for its special bibingka baked in a special oven known as “Urnohan.”

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