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Adjectives are modifiers that show the quality of a noun.

1. Attributive Adjectives
These are words that come between the determiner and the noun in a noun phrase.
He made a remarkable recovery.
The childless couple was anxious to adopt a baby.

* Changing Nouns to Adjectives
1. -al
person ➔ personal
brute ➔ brutal
2. -ary
revolution ➔ revolutionary
custom ➔ customary

* Changing Verbs to Adjectives
1. -able
agree ➔ agreeable
remark ➔ remarkable
2. -ive
attract ➔ attractive
create ➔ creative

* Verb Forms as Adjectives
1. -ing Adjective
a fascinating story
your boring film

2. -ed2 Adjective
the fascinated children
the bored audience

2. Predicate Adjectives
These are adjectives that are found in the predicate of a sentence.
Paris is a beautiful city. [attributive adjective]
The city of Paris is beautiful. [predicate adjective]

– Attributive adjectives tend to describe permanent or characteristic attributes.
– Predicate adjectives tend to refer to temporary or occasional features of a noun.

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