Asking for Information

08 9月 2014, Posted by Iwamoto Karen in 英会話

One of the advantages of being a part of the GITA program is the opportunity to interact with
Filipino Web Developers in English. I`ve always believed in the saying that “practice makes
perfect.” As students interact with our Filipino staff, they increase their ability to
communicate using the target language.


It is not polite to start a conversation with a direct question.
The phrases below can help you ask for information without sounding rude.
– Can you tell me…
– Could you tell me…
– I would like to know…

1. Can you tell me + [question] = Can you tell me what the time is?

2. Could you tell me + [question] = Could you tell me where the bank is?

3. I would like to know + [question] = I would like to know what time the movie starts.

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