Tips on How to Make Language
Study More Enjoyable

29 8月 2014, Posted by Iwamoto Karen in 英会話

Learning a new language is a difficult undertaking. The frustration that comes with it can stagger any
student`s acquisition of the language. Here are some tips to make your language study more fun.


  • Set goals that can be accomplished daily.

It`s impossible to master a language overnight. Don`t overwhelm yourself. Study a little bit at a time.
Perhaps you can start with learning 10 words or one grammar rule a day. Studying smaller amounts each
day can help you retain the information better. At the end of the week, review what you have studied
to make sure you have mastered all of it.


  • Find opportunities to use the target language outside your studying time.

Practice makes perfect. Use what you`ve learned by engaging in activities that will allow you to practice
the language. You can practice by talking with native speakers or watch a movie in the target language.
Make sure you are having fun!


  •  Learn through music.

Learning popular songs in the target language can be a lot of fun. Learn new words by studying the lyrics
of the song. Have fun and sing your heart out!


  •  Make use of memos and post it notes.

Use post it notes to write down new vocabulary or grammar rules. Post it in places that you regularly see.
Place one on your bathroom mirror, cupboard, door, etc. It will help you remember words and grammar
rules while doing other tasks such as washing dishes or doing the laundry.


  •  Chat your way to proficiency.

Use your Facebook time as part of your language practice. Make new friends and improve your language
proficiency. If you feel confident enough, post a status using the target language.

Language learning can be a lot of fun. Use your creativity and imagination to spice up your language study.

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