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04 9月 2014, Posted by Iwamoto Karen in 英会話

The Question System
There are four different types of questions in English.

1. Yes/no questions
These are questions that request a simple yes or no answer.
To make statements into yes/no questions, simply move the auxiliary to the front of the sentence.

Maria can speak Swedish ➔ Can Maria speak Swedish?
The alligator is a reptile. ➔ Is the alligator a reptile?

* Statements with no overt auxiliary
The boy lives in Santiago. ➔ The boy (does live) in Santiago. ➔ Does the boy live in Santiago?

2. Information questions
These are questions that start with the words who, what, where, when, why, and how.

What color do you prefer?
How long is the ride to the city?
Where is the bank?

3. Tag questions
Tag question is a statement plus a short question. The auxiliary should be changed to its
opposite form when adding the tag question.

John is working. ➔ John is working, isn`t he?
You are a teacher. ➔ You are a teacher, aren`t you?

* Statements with no overt auxiliary
John lives in Ohio. ➔ John (does live) in Ohio. ➔ John lives in Ohio, doesn`t he?

4. Echo questions
This is the easiest type of question to make.

Heidi has green hair.➔ Heidi has green hair?

* WH-echo question
Heidi has green hair. ➔ Heidi has green what?

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